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Why a separate page?  Because I believe readers ought to get what they think they purchased.  My ORIGINAL Joan Vincent novels are "sweet" and average 60-75,000 words while the HONOUR books have at least one sexually explicit encounter and run 90-100,000 words.   While there is humor, as in all my work, these books have more intricate plots of a darker strain with more sinister characters.  Romance there is, but the intrigue and machinations of spy and counter spy are of equal importance.
Wellington 1812
Wellington 1812
Honour Seal Napoleon
My previously published books, Bond of Honour and The Curious Rogue taken together could well be called HONOUR’S BEGINNING. In them a very young Baron de la Croix and his infant sister Leora, rescued from Revolutionary France, are kidnapped in England by a young French agent who is wounded when the children are rescued but escapes.

In the Honour Series five British cavalry officers who serve together in Spain and Portugal with General Sir John Moore find their lives, and those of their future brides, dangerously interwoven with the now adult Baron de la Croix’s pursuit of his former kidnaper, the amoral French master spy Donatien.

** denotes published book denotes completed book
  1. Honour's Debt**
  2. Honour's Choice**
  3. Honour's Compromise**
  4. Honour's Redemption**
  5. Honour's Love
  6. Honour's Grail
  7. Honour's Caprice
  8. Honour's Revenge