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Lt. James Vincouer, seared first by her beauty and then by her hauteur, brands Cecilia Mayer-Boden the “Glacier.” A year later Jamey meets a Spanish beauty. whose passion reminds him too vividly of Cecilia.
Cecilia, intent upon concealing her family’s tragic secret, crosses swords with Jamey to fend off her growing love for him. Though tortured by her independence, Jamey cannot stay away. When Cecilia’s life is threatened by a Spanish counteragent, Jamey's intervention results in he and Cecilia's battle-fraught marriage.
When family illness forces the newlyweds to travel to England desire weaves a spell that awakens hope for their love. But the spy Donatien awaits, determined to seize Cecilia and the information she secretly carries. When she flees to prevent an attack on Jamey, the French master spy captures her. Aided by Donatien's arch enemy, Baron de la Croix, Jamey searches for Cecilia hoping for one last rescue and the chance to win her. But Donatien means to succeed and there may be no time for


HONOUR’S COMPROMISE takes place from OCTOBER 1808 – MARCH 1810
The Honour Series Characters in order of appearance:

Lieutenant James Vincouer of the 15th Light Dragoons (Hussars)—Lady Maddie’s first cousin; went missing on the Spanish Peninsula during the retreat to Corunna in 1808-09; uses the name Jaime Cortez at times in Spain; later transfer to the 14th Light Dragoons (Hussars)

Lieutenant Samuel Goodchurch of the 15th Light Dragoons (Hussars)—nicknamed Vicar due his constant quoting from the Bible

Cecilia Mayer-Boden—daughter of Colonel Mayer-Boden; a courier for the Allies; uses disguise as Señorita Gertrudis Fuentes

Colonel Mayer-Boden—commander of the 14th Light Dragoons

Alejandro Perales—guerrilla in the battle against Napoleon; nephew of Conde Hernandez

Conde Hernandez—Spaniard who provides refuge to guerillas and aids in was against Napoleon

Anita and Elena Hernandez—daughters of Conde Hernandez

Eugenio Hernandez—nephew of Conde Hernandez; a spy for Napoleon

Major Ashburn Dingle-Thorpe—officer in the 14th Light Dragoons

Major Lord Blake Danbury on temporary assignment with the 14th Light Dragoons (Hussars)—3rd son of the Duke of Devereaux, scar runs down right cheek and suffers from perpetual ennui

Captain Lucian Merristorm of the 15th Light Dragoons (Hussars)—renounced his honorary title as Earl Gilchrist; is known for his courage in battle but also for his drinking and wenching

Magelhaes—Spanish orphan fed and clothes by Merristorm and used as a guide by Jamey Vincouer

Quentin Bellaport, former Major of the 15th Light Dragoons (Hussars)—now Viscount Broyal after the death of his older brother Thomas and wed to Madeline Vincouer

Madeline (Maddie) Vincouer —Jamey Vincouer’s first cousin whom he had promised to wed if the need arose

Joseph Fouché—Minister of Police in Spain and head of one of Napoleon’s spy rings

Donatien—French master spy known for his disguises. In this book he is the English Mr. Tredway and footman at Bellum Castle; In Book 1 Debt Jacques Porteur and Squire George and in Book 2 Choice as the French spy Chercheur and the Prussian officer Berthold von Willmar.

Petit—dwarf brother of Donatien who acts as his butler and valet

Barnabas Vincouer—Jamey’s younger brother

Albert and Mary Vincouer—Jamey and Barnabas’ father and mother; their home is Vincouer Court

Elminda Vincouer—relict of Percival Vincouer; Jamey’s aunt by marriage

Andre Ribeymon, Baron de la Croix—Lady Juliane Tretain’s nephew whom she rescued as a young child with his infant sister from France during the Terror. She and her husband the Earl of Tretain raised them as their own. Presents a foppish appearance and manner to conceal his work as an English government agent

Pascual—French émigré who acts as sometime servant to Baron de la Croix and is a fellow spy

Philip August Bellaport, Earl of Margonaut—father of Quentin Bellaport, Viscount Broyal. Home is Bellum Castle

Sarah Tarrant—wife of Hadleigh Tarrant (Their story is in Book 2 Choice) nephew of Adrian Tarrant Earl of Tretain, recruited to become a government agent by best friend Andre Ribeymon, Baron de la Croix and was tortured by Donatien; currently not an agent

Earl and Countess of Tretain—Adrian Tarrant, former English Government agent and Juliane Perrill Tarrant. Home estate is Trees in Berkshire