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RedemptionCaptain Lucian Merristorm continues a guilt ridden downward spiral when unfairly forced to sell out of the 15th Hussars. After a night out with a man who harbors a secret vendetta against him, a heavily drugged Lucian regains consciousness in a coach halfway to Yorkshire. Lucian, who sought death in vain on the battlefields of Spain, is furious to find it has eluded him once again.

Ruth Clayton acquired a post for her father in far away Yorkshire after the loss of his preferment due to failing memory. When Lucian is thrown into the mail coach with them in London Ruth is appalled by her attraction to the wastrel. In Whitby she takes a badly beaten Lucian into the vicarage. Her attraction turns to love despite his every effort to turn it to disgust.

Unknown to both, their arrival in Whitby thrusts a spoke in a French spy’s plan to smuggle weapons and gold concealed in tunnels beneath the vicarage to France. When Lucian’s enemy unites with the spy, Lucian faces the bitter reality that death may triumph even as it becomes the last thing he seeks. Ruth must reach deep into her heart to offer him


The rest of the story takes place from OCTOBER 1810-NOVEMBER 1810
The Honour Series Characters in order of appearance:

Lucian Merristorm, Earl Gilchrist, –nightmares tormented Captain in the 14th Light Dragoons serving in the Peninsula known for drink and womanizing; was forced to sell out due to scandal created when he killed Eugenio Hernandez; secretly provides a home for orphan boys in Spain and in London

Hellfire Stranton Merristorm, Marquess Halstrom – Lucian’s father known for his licentious lifestyle

Jasmine Randolph– young woman who accidentally fell to her death from the Keep’s upper wall; sister of Brandon Randolph

Professor Robinson – Lucian’s Greek professor

Sir Brandon Thornley–befriends Lucian meaning to do him harm; name taken by Brandon Randolph as part of a bequest after which he added the “Sir”

Benen  — young man sent to care for Lucian when he is sent to his grandmother in Purse Caudle

Ruth Clayton—daughter of Vicar Sampson Clayton who suffers from a form of dementia, and elder sister to Marietta

Eleazor Scruggs–former army man in charge of home for boys Merristorm set up in London

Jemmy– boy Merristorm rescues in East Retford

André Ribeymon, Baron de la Croix—French émigré rescued from mob as a child and now a British spy disguised as a dandy

Sairy Jane—old woman who volunteers to clean and cook for the Claytons in Whitby

Peace Jenkinson—owner of Wise Owl and leader of smugglers. (Also the émigré Vianne, Comtesse Bettencourt)

Donatien—French master spy known for his disguises–latest as Bernard Geary, Riding Officer; In Book 1 Debt Jacques Porteur and Squire George and in Book 2 Choice as the French spy Chercheur and the Prussian officer Berthold von Willmar, in Book 3 Compromise the English Mr. Tredway and footman at Bellum Castle;

Pascual Walsh—André’s cousin who often aids him in his government work

Major Lord Blake Danbury on temporary assignment with the 14th Light Dragoons (Hussars)—3rd son of the Duke of Devereaux, scar runs down right cheek and suffers from perpetual ennui