A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent

NEVER TO PART: A Regency Paranormal

Ebook (ISBN 78-0-9852913-4-1) available at Regency Reads

Paperback (ISBN 978-0-9852913-7-2) available on Amazon


The Dremore Legend promises treasure but more importantly, enduring love. When treachery threatens it, the spectres of the first Baron and Baroness Dremore contrive to aid their many-greats- grandson Richard and the heroine Daphne with clues a la Edmund Spenser. They are neither above dumping cold water over the villain seeking his cousin’s title and the treasure nor locking Richard and Daphne in a mausoleum to ensure that true love prevails.

Richard doesn’t believe in the family legend even though he can’t explain multiplying “coincidences.” He is determined to beat Daphne to the treasure. Daphne, who at first believes Richard responsible for her brother’s gambling debts that threaten the loss of all they own, is desperate to find it. As they follow the clues ever closer to the treasure they risk losing their lives, the treasure, and most of all their hearts. Never Ebook



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