A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent


This section contains books on: Art, Games/Playing Cards, Graphics, Music, Music: Church, Music: Concert and Dance, Sports, and Theatre.


Beddington, Charles Canaletto in England 2006 0300119690
Cowley Illustrated Encyclopedia of Western Art 1979 0896730174
Evans, Mark editor Princes as Patrons 1998 1858940540
Houpt, Simon Museum of the Missing 2006 1402728298
Marx, Enid / Lambert, Margaret 102 English Popular and Traditional Art -- (Britain in Pictures Series) 1946 na
Myers, Bernard S & Copplestone, Trewin History of Art, The 1985 0880295503
Piper, John 34 British Romantic Artists -- (Britain in Pictures Series) 1946 na
Retford, Kate Art of Domestic Life:  Family Portraiture in 18th Century England 2006 0300110014
Robb, David M History of Painting, The Harper 1951 na
Rynck, Patrick How to Read a Painting: Lessons from the Old Masters 2004 810955768
Tarbell, F History of Greek Art, A 1896 na
Turner, W J Romance of English Literature (England in Pictures 1944 na
Westendorf, Wolfhart Painting Sculpture and Architecture of Ancient Egypt 1968 LLC6828391
Wichita Art Museum British Watercolors and Drawings Part I The Virginia and George Ablah Gift 1986 939324253
Wichita Art Museum British Watercolors and Drawings Part II The Virginia and George Ablah Gift 1987 939324296

Games and Playing Cards

Ainslie, Tom Ainslie's Complete Hoyle 1975 0671247794
Arnold, Peter Book of Card Games 1988 1566199506
Ashton, John History of Gambling in England 1968 LLC6858221
Beaver, Patrick Victorian Parlour Games (1974) 1995 1854229087
Dawson, Lawrence U Complete Hoyle's Games, A 1994 1853263168
De la Rue, Thomas Laws of Piquet edited by Cavendish 1873 na
Goodfellow, Caroline Games & Puzzles  Collector's Guide to indoor Games from the 1700's to the present day 2002 1861605285
Hoyle, Edmund Short Treatise on the Game of Picquet  1744 na
Pembroke Whist or Bumblepuppy? 1883 na
Pollack, Rachel Complete Illustrated Guide to Tartot 1999
Tilley, Roger Playing Cards 1973 0706400496
Trumps Modern Pocket Hoyle  7th edition  1918  
18th Century Playing Cards 2001  


Braun & Schneider Braun & Schneider's Historic Costume (1975) & CD 2003 0486995666
Grafton, Carol Belanger (editor) Old Fashioned Love and Romance (19th C sources) 1989 0486259382
Grafton, Carol Belanger (editor) Old time Romantic Vingettes in Full color 1996 0486292215
Grafton, Carol Belanger (editor) Old-fashioned Illus. Of Books, Reading, and Writing  1992 0486270939
Grafton, Carol Belanger (editor) Old-Time Men and Womean  Vignettes in full color 2001 2486412261
Grafton, Carol Belanger (editor) Old-time Romantic Vignettes 1996 0486292215
Johnson, Judy M (editor) Old-Time Silhouettes 1994 0486279405


Brockway, Wallace & Wienstock, Herbert Men of Music 1939 na
Clark, Richard First Volume of Poetry containing in part the most favorite pieces  na
Curtis, Mary I England of Song and Story 1947 na
Da Ponte, Lorenzo   Memoirs Lorenze Da Ponte 2000 0940322358
Gilder, Eric Dictionary of Composers and their Music 1985 0517092956
Nettel, Reginald Seven Centuries of Popular Songs 1956 na
Scott, Michael Record of Singing to 1914 1977 0684155281

Music: Church

Bradley, Ian Book of Hymns, The 1989 0517162415
Fox, Adam English Hymns and Hymn Writers [Britain in Pictures No. 98] 1947 na
Hamma, B Catholic Youth's Hymnal  1891 na
Morgan, Robert J Then Sings My Soul Book 1 2003 785249397
Morgan, Robert J Then Sings My Soul Book 2 2004 785251685
Nemmers, Erwin Esser Twenty Centuries of Catholic Church Music 1948 na
Terry, Richard R Catholic Church Music 1907 na
Turner, W J English Music [Britain in Pictures No. 98] 1941 na

Music: Concert and Dance

Aldrich, Elizabeth From the Ballroom to Hell  Grace and Folly in 19th C Dance 1991 0810109131
hyperion  Enchanting Harmonist  A Soiree with the Linley's of Bath  CD  The English Orpheus Vol 21 1993
Lexington Vintage Dance Lady Caroline's Regency Romp  Dance Music of the early 19th Century 2006
Nettl, Paul Story of Dance Music, The 1947 na
Smith, William C Italian Opera and Contemporary Ballet in London  1789-1820 1955 na
Wollenberg, Susan and McVeigh, Simon editors Concert Life in Eighteenth-Century Britain 2004 0754638685
Hugill, Stan Songs of the Sea 1977 0070311382


Angelo, Henry Reminiscences of Henry Angelo: in Two Volumes (1904) 1969 LLC7781198
Arlott, John & Daley, Arthur Pageantry of Sport 1968 na
Egan, Pierce Book of Sports 1832 na
Egan, Pierce Boxiana Vol I (photocopy) 1818? na
Egan, Pierce Boxiana Vol II (photocopy) 1820? na
Egan, Pierce Boxiana Vol III (photocopy) 1825? na
Egan, Pierce Boxiana Vol IV (photocopy) 1828 na
Egan, Pierce Sporting Anecdotes 1820 na
Fraser, George MacDonald Black Ajax 1997 0786705531
Radford, Peter Celebrated Captain Barclay, The  Sport, Money, and Fame in Regency Britain 2001 747272220
Reid, J C Bucks and Bruisers 1971 0710069677
Sawyer, Tom Noble Art  (Boxing) 1989 0044403518


Altick, Richard Shows of London, The 1978 na
Berstel, Julius Son's Bright Child  The Imaginary Memoirs of Edmund Kean 1946 na
Boas, Fredericks Songs and Lyrics from the English Masques and Light Opera 1949
Brown, John Russell Oxford Illustred History of the Theatre 1995 0192880624
Browne, SJ, Rev. Joseph T Pageant of Literature:  Shakespeare and Goldsmith 1961 na
Congreve, Wm edited Hopper & Lahey Way of the World 1958 na
Disher, M Wilson Greatest Story on Earth as performed for over a century at Astley's (afterwards Sanger's) Royal Amphitheatre or Arts  Westminster Road (photocopy) 1937 na
Dobbs, Brian Drury Lane  Three Centuries of the Theatre Royal 1663-1971 
Egan, Pierce Life of an Actor, The  1892 na
Egan, Pierce Show Folks 1831 na
Fenner, Theordore Opera in London Views of the Press 1785-1830 1994 0809319128
Gassner, John Medieval and Tudor Drama 1971 na
Hall-Witt, Jennifer Fashionable Acts: Opera and Elite Culture in London, 1780-1880 (Becoming Modern: New Nineteenth-Century Studies) 2007 9781584656258
Kelly, Linda Kemble Era  John P Kemble, Sarah Siddons, & the London Stage 1980 0394410343
Krutch, Joseph Wood Eighteen-Century English Drama  The Rivals, the Fair Penitent, The Beggar's Opera etc 1967 LLC67-27223
Lambranzi, Gregorio New and Curious School of Theatrical Dancing (1928) 2002 0486424421
Lind, L R (edited) Ten Greek Plays 1957 na
Macgowan, Kenneth & Melnitz, Wm Golden Ages of the Theatre 1959 LLC59-15685
Marivaux, Pierre Carlet de  Triumph of Love  (video) 2000 na
Nagler, A M Source Book in Theatrical History 1952 486205150
Penquin Books Four English Comedies:  Volpone, The Way of the World, She Stoops to Conquer, The School for Scandal (1930) 1977 na
Sheridan, Richard School for Scandal  & The Rivals na na
Stratman, Carl J Editor) Bibliography of English Printed Tragedy 1966 LLC66-19720
Swortzell, Lowell Here Comes the Clowns 1978 0670368761
Wakefield, Julie Private Theatricals  1780-1805  2005 na
Wentwoth, Scott Enter the Guardsman 2000 na