A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent

Autobiographies and Biographies

This section contains books on: Architects and Artists, Aristorcratic, the Demi-Monde, Families, French, Medical, Men, Miscellaneous, Nelson & Emma, Political, Prince of Wales--George IV, Royalty, Regency Personalities and Dandies, Theatre, Women, and Writiers. Please note that the autobiographies of military men are not included. They are placed in Napoleonic War.

Architects and Artists

Bailey, Anthony Standing in the Sun A life of J W Turner 1997 LLC 9868076
Doeser, Linda Life and Works of Gainsborough 1995 1573350311
Yarwood, Doreen Robert Adam 1970 LLC73108198


Black, A C Titles: A Guide to the Correct Use 1918 na
Black, Adam and Charles Titles and Forms of Address 1961 na
Burke, John Burke's Peerage General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire 1837 na
Buskin, Richard Complete Idiot's Guide to British Royalty 1998 0028623460
Fox-Davies, A C Complete Guide to Heraldry 1978 0517266431
James, Lawrence Aristocrats Power, Grace, and Decadance: Britain's Great Ruling Classes from 1066 to the Present 2009 9780312615451
Montgomery-Massingberd, Hugh Debrett's Great British Families 1988 0881623598
Phillips, Charles Ilustrated Encyclopedia of Royal Britain, The A Magnificent Study of Britain's Royal Heritage with a Directory of Royalty and Over 120 of the most Important Historic Buildings 2009 9781435118355
Powicke, F M (editor) Handbook of British Chronology 1939 na


Buford, E. J. Wits, Wenches, and Wantons.  London Low life    na
Davis, Deborah Strapless  John Singer Sargeant and the Fall of Madame X 2004 158542336X
Griffin, Susan Book of the Courtesans,The:  A Catalogue of Their Virtues 2001 0767904508
Hickman, Katie Courtesans  Money, Sex, and Fame in the Nineteenth Century 2003 060935146
Manning, Jo My Lady Scandalous 2005 13:978074320
Richardson, Joanna Courtesans: The Demi-monde in 19th C France 1967 1842120999
Rounding, Virginia Grandes Horizontales 2003 1582344507
Thirkell, Angela Tribute for Harriette: The Surprising Career of Harriette Wilson 1936 1963 1888173955
Wilson, Harriet Games of the Heart 1957 na


Freeman-Keel T and Crofts, A Disappearing Duke, The The Improbable Tale of an Eccentric English Family 2003 786710454
Hyde, Mary Thrales of Streatham Park, The 1977 9780674887466
Napier, Priscilla Sword Dance, The  Lady Sarah Lennox and the Napiers 1971 0070458871
Tinniswood, Adrian Verneys, The  A True Story of Love, War, and Madness in  Seventeenth-Century England 2007 9781594489488
Wynne, Elizabeth Freemantle Wynne Diaries 1789-1820 (1935 1953 na


Algrant, Christine Pevitt Madame de Pompadour: Mistress of France 2002 0802117260
Blom, Phillipp Wicked Company, A The Forgotten Radicalism of the European Enlightenment 2010 9780465014538
Dard, Emile Napoleon and Tallyrand 1937 na
de Marbot, Jean-Baptiste Exploits of Baron de Marbot 2000 0786708018
Duff, Cooper Tallyrand  (1932) 1964 na 
Erickson, Carolly Josephine, A Life of the Empress 1998 0312200012
Erickson, Carolly To the Scaffold The Life of Marie Antoinette 1991 0688116116
Fraser, Antonia Marie Antoninette 2001 038548948X
Gelbart, Nina Rattner King's Midwife, The A History and Mystery of Madame du Coudray (1932) 1998 520210360
Gray, Francine Du Plessix At Home with the Marquis de Sade 1998 0684800071
Gulland, Sandra Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe (Fiction) Josephine 1998 0684856077
Knapton, Ernest John Empress Josephine 1963 LLC 6317203
Lawday, David Napoleon's Master A Life of Prince Talleyrand 2007 9780312372972
Mitford, Nancy Madame de Pompadour 2001 094032265X
Moorehead, Caroline Dancing to the Precipice The Life of Lucie de la Tpur du Pin Eyewitness to an Era 2009 9780061684425
Schom, Alan Napoleon Bonaparte 1997 0060929588


Kobler, John Reluctant Surgeon John Hunter 1999 1888173963
Moore, Wendy Knife Man, The The Extraordinary Life and Times of John Hunter, Father of Modern Surgery 2005 0767916522
Porter, Roy Doctor of Society Thomas Beddoes and the Sick Trade in Late-enlightment England 1992 0415048508


Birrell, Augustine William Hazlitt  English Men of Letters 1902 na
Brown, Sanborn C Benjamin Thompson Count Rumford 1981 0262520699
Greene, Graham Lord Rochester's Monkey 1974 670440558
Kates, Gary Monsieur D'Eon is a Woman 1995 0465047610
Pearson, Hesketh Smith of Smiths, The Being the life, Wit, Humour of Sydney Smith (1934) 1984 1888173939
Rice, Edward Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton The Secret Agent who Made the Pilgrimage to Mecca.  Discovered the Kama Sutra and brought the Arabian Nights to the West 1990 0060973943
Rosener, Lisa Most Beautiful Man in Existence  The Scandalous Life of Alexander Lesassier 1999 0812234863
Shea, Donald F English Ranke: John Lingard, The 1969 na


Colegate, Isabel Pelican in the wilderness  Hermits, solitaries and recluses 2002 *0002571420
Christiansen, Rupert Romantic Affinities  Portraits from an Age 1780-1830 2004 1844134210
Fonseca, Isabel Bury Me Standing  The Gypsies and Their Journey 1995 067973743X

Nelson & Emma

Praser, Flora Emma, Lady Hamilton 1987 0394530535
Fraser, Flora Beloved Emma, The Life of Emma, Lady Hamilton 1986 1400075149
Hough, Richard Nelson A Biography 1980 0905746457
Williams, Kate England's Mistress, The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton 2006 0345461940


Belmonte, Kevin Hero for Humanity A Biography of Wm Wilberforce 2002 1576833542
Bew, John Castlereagh: A Life 2012 9780199931590
Bradford, Sarah Disraeli 1983 0812828992
Cecil, Lord David Melbourne 1966 0517537826
Evans, John The Gentleman Usher: The Life And Times Of George Dempster (1732-1818) : Member of Parliament and Laird of Dunnichen and Skibo 2005 1844151514
Hickman, Katie Daughters of Brittania The Lifes and Times of Diplomatic Wives 1999 0060188626
Metaxas, Eric Amazing Grace  William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery 2007 0061173002
Thompson, Neville Earl Bathurst and the British Empire 1762-1834 1999 0850526450

Prince of Wales--George IV

David, Saul Prince of Pleasure, the Prince of Wales and the Making of the Regency 1998 087137399
Frazer, Flora Unruly Queen  The Life of Queen Caroline 1996  
Haeger, Diane Secret Wife of George IV, The 2000 0312244207
Knighton, (Lady) D Memoirs of Sir Wm Knighton Keeper of the Privy Purse during the reign of George IV 1838 na
Nightingale, Joseph Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of Queen Caroline 1978 na
Parissen, Steven George IV  Inspiration of the Regency 2001 0312284020
Priestley, J B Prince of Pleasure and His Regency 1969 LLC 7977594
Richardson, Joanna George the Magnificent A Portrait of George IV 1966 LLC66-22284
Robins, Jane Trial of Queen Caroline: The Scandalous Affair that Nearly Ended a Monarchy 2006 743255909
Smith, E A George IV 1999 0300076851

Regency Personalities and Dandies

Bridge, Tom Dr William Kitchiner Regency Eccentric, A 1992 9781870962070
Bruce, Ian Lavallette Bruce His Adventures & Intriques before and after Waterloo 1953  
Burnett, T A J Rise & Fall of a Regency Dandy 1981 0192851241
Campbell, Kathleen Beau Brummell A Biographical Study 1948 na
Costley-White, Hope Mary Cole, Countess of Berkeley (1961) 1997 na
Douglass, Paul Lady Carolyn Lamb 2004 1403966052
Franzero, Carlo Maria Beau Brummell His Life and Times 1958 LLC595452
Gimble, Ian Regency People 1972 0563106964
Gleeson, Janet Privilege and Scandal The Remarkable Life of Harriet Spencer, Sister of Georgiana 2006 9780307381972
Hill, Draper Mr. Gillray The Caricaturist  A Biography 1965 na
Holmes, Rachel Scanty Particulars the Scandalous Life and Astonishing Secret of Queen Victoria's Most famous military doctor James Barry 2002 0375505563
Kelly, Ian Beau Brummell, The Ultimate Man of Style 2006 0743270894
Kelly, Ian Cooking for Kings  The Life of Antonin Careme the First Celebrity Chef 2003 0802714366
Melville, Lewis (psuedonym of Benjamin, Lewis Some Eccentrics & a Woman   1911 na
Melville, Lewis Star of Piccadilly The Memoir of Wm Douglas The Duke of Queesnbury (1725-1810) 1928 na
Moers, Ellen Dandy, The  Brummel to Beerbohm 1960 LCC 607674
Rae, Isobel Strange Story of Dr. James Barry 1958 na
Rae, Isobel Strange Story of Dr. James Barry 1958 na
Timbs, John English Eccentrics and Eccentricities   1875  
Tolstoy, Nikolai Half-Mad Lord: Thomas Pitt, 2nd Baron Camelford (1775-1804), The 1978 003047261X
Vaux, James H  McLachlan, Noel ed Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux  including his Vocabulary of the Flash Language 1964 na
Vaux, James H  McLachlan, Noel ed Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux  including his Vocabulary of the Flash Language 1964 na
Wharton, Grace & Philip Wits and Beaux of Society 1860 9781199939081


Ashley, Mike Brief History of British Kings and Queens, A 2006 786711043
Bone, Quentin Henrietta Maria Queen of the Cavaliers  Georgian 1972 0252001982
Coote Stephen Royal Survivor The Life of Charles II 2000 031222687X
Fraser, Flora Princesses The Six Daughters of George III 2004 0719561086
Fraser, Flora Princesses The Six Daughters of George III 2004 0679451188
Hibbert, Christopher George III 1998 0465027237
Hutton, Ronald Charles II  1989 0198229119
Lofts, Norah Queens of England 1977 038512784
Morby, John E Wordsworth Handbook of Kings & Queens, The 1989 1853263176
Morrison, N Brysson Private Life of Henry VIII 1964 LLC6313796
Plumb, J H First Four Georges, The  1956 LLC 7412150
Plumb, J H First Four Georges, The  1975 LLC 7412150
Van Der Kiste, John Georgian Princess, The 2000 750930519
Somerset, Anne Life and Times of Wm IV, The 1980 0297778390
Tillyard, Stella Royal Affair, A  George III and his Scandalous Siblings 2006 140006371X
Weir, Alison Henry VIII The King and His Court 2001 0345436598


Armstrong, Margaret Fanny Kemble A Passionate Victorian 1938 na
Byrne, Paula Perdita The Literary, Theatrical, Scandalous Life of Mary Robinson 2004 1400061482
Cordner, Michael Editor Eighteenth-Century Women Dramatists Oxford English Drama 2001 0192827294
Elyot, Amanda All for Love  The Scandalous Life and Times of Royal Mistress Mary Robinson 2008 9780451222978
Harman, Claire Fanny Burney 2000 0679446583
Jonson, Marian Troubled Grandeur, A The Story of England's Great Actress Sarah Siddons 1972 LLC72182250
Lefanu, Wm Betsy Sheridan's Journal 1960 na
Tomalin, Claire Mrs. Jordan's Profession 1994 0679410716


Bruce, Ian Nun of Babylon, The  The Love Affair of Lady Hester Stanhope and Michael Bruce 1951  
Calder-Marshall, Arthur Two Duchesses The (Georgiana Devonshire & Elizabeth Foster) 1978 0060106174
Calder-Marshall, Arthur Two Duchesses The (Georgiana Devonshire & Elizabeth Foster) 1978 0060106174
Chapman, Caroline with Dormer, Jane Elizabeth and Georgiana The Duke of Devonshire and His Two Duchess 2002 047127495X
Clarke, Norma Dr. Johnson's Women 2003 9781852852542
Eger, Elizabeth  Elizabeth Peltz Brilliant Women  18th Century Bluestockings 2008 9780300141030
Emling, Shelley Fossil Hunter, The Dinosaurs, Evolutioin, and the Woman Whose Discoveries Changed the World (Mary Anning) 2009 9780230611566
Flanders, Judith Circle of Sisters: Alice Kipling, Georgiana Burne-Jones, Agnes Pynter, and Louisa Baldwin 2005 0393052109
Foreman, Amanda Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire 1998 0375592947
Gill, Gillian Nightingales The extraordinary Upbringing and Curious Life of Miss Florence Nightingale 2004 345451872
Gleeson, Janet Privilege and Scanda: The Remarkable Life of Harriet Spencer, Sister of Georgiana 2006 9780307381972
Haslip, Joan Lady Hester Stanhope 1934 0304314358
Holden, Edith Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady  (1906) 1977 0030210267
Kloester, Jennifer Biography of a Bestseller Georgette Heyer 2011 9780434020713
Leon, Vicki Uppity Women of the Renaissance 1999 157324127X
Nagel, Susan Mistress of the Elgin Marbles  A Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin 2004 0060545542
Oman, Carola Gascoyne Heiress Life & Diaries of F M Gascoyne-Cecil 1802-1939 1968 340042745
Somerset, Anne Ladies in Waiting From the Tudors to the Present Day 1984 0394520009
Tillyard, Stella Aristocrats Caroline, Emily, Louisa, Sarah Lennox 1740-1832 1994 0374524475
Tillyard, Stella Aristocrats Caroline, Emily, Louisa, Sarah Lennox 1740-1832 1995 0374524475
Tillyard, Stella Aristocrats The Illustrated Companion 2000 1841880434
Todd, Andrew intro Memoirs of a Highland Lady  Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus 1988 862413966


Boswell, James Samuel Johnson LL.D., Life of 1962  
Chesterfield Lord Chesterfield's Letters Written by the late Right Honourable Philip Dormet Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield to His Son 1834 1834 na
Clarke, Norma Rise and Fall of the Woman of Letters 2004 071266467X
Denlinger, Elizabeth Campbell Before Victoria:  Extraordinary Women of the British Romantic Era 2005 0231136307
Eisler, Benita Byron  Child of Passion, Fool of Fame 2000 0679412999
Framin, Susan Unbecoming Women British Women Writers and the Novel of Development 1993 0231080018
Gordon, Lyndall Vindication  A Life of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) 2005 0060198028
Hahn, Emily Degree of Prudery, A A Biography of Fanny Burney 1950 na
Herold, J Christopher Mistress to an Age: A Life of Madame de Stael 1958 0802138373
Hodge, Jane Private World of Georgette Heyer 1984 0370305086
Mellor, Anne K Mary Shelley Her Life Her Fiction Her Monsters 1989 0415025915
Pottle, Frederick (editor) Boswell's London Journal 1950 na
Shellabarger, Samuel Lord Chesterfield and his World 1951 na
Sisman, Adam Friendship  Wordsworth & Coleridge 2006 97806700383220
Tomalin, Claire Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft 1992 0140167617
Wollstonecraft, Mary Vindication of the Rights of Woman, A (Norton Critical Editions) 1988 0393955729
Woolley, Benjamin Bride of Science Romance, Reason and Byron's Daughter 1999 0071373292