A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent

Architecture and Gardens

This secton contains books on the Architecture of: Castles, City/Shire, French, Houses, Interiors, Period, Roman, Religious, and Gardens.

Architecture Castles

Macauly, David Castle 1977 0395257840
Matarasso, Francois The English Castle   1995 1840672307
Monreal y Tejada, Luis Medieval Castles of Spain 1999 38729022212
Oman, Charles Castles 1978 0517261960
Oman, Charles W. C. British Castles 1989 486260860
Roberts, Jane Views of Windsor Waltercolours by Thomas and Paul Sandby 1995 1858940206
Zerbe, Jerome Small Castles and Pavilions of Europe 1976 0802705421

Architecture City and Shire

Brunskill, R W Vernacular Architecture of the Lake Counties 1978 0571094597
Bryde, Penelope  Editor Museum of Costume and Assembly Rooms  Bath 1994 0901303313
Craven, Macwell Derby An Illustrated History 1990 090796933X
Philips, N G Views of the Old Halls of Lancashire and Cheshire  1893 na
Reid, Peter Burke's & Savills Guide to Country Houses Vol 2 Herefordshire, Shropshire, Warwick, Worchester 1978 0850110319

Architecture French

na Les Chateaux de La Loire Orleans, Belois, Tours 1974 na

Architecture Houses

Airs, Malcolm Tudor & Jacobean Country House  A Building History 1998 1858338336
Burton, Neil English Historic Houses Handbook 1981 0871965380
Dutton, Ralph English Country House 1962 na
Esher, Lionel Glory of the English House, The 1991 0821218514
Futardo, Peter editor Ordnance Survey Guide to Historic Houses in Britain 1987 0319000826
Girouard, Mark Life in the English Country House: A Social and Architectural History  1978 0300022735
Girouard, Mark Country House Companion, A 1987 300040830
Gloag, John The Englishman's Castle,  A history of houses large and small in town and country from 100 AD to present 1944 na
Gregory, Alexis & Walter, Marc Private Splendor: Great Families at Home 2006 0865651701
Jackson-Stops, Gervase English Country House in Perspective 1990 0802112285
Littlejohn, David The Fate of the English Country House 1997 019508876X
Mandler, Peter The Fall and Rise of the Stately Home 1997 >300067038
National Trust Erddig Clwyd 1995 707801974
National Trust Petworth House 1976 na
Nicolson, Nigel The National Trust Book of Great Houses of Britain  1978 0879232447
Parissen, Steven Georgian House in Britain and America, The 1995 0847819116
Pearce, David Great Houses of London, The 1986 8656506326
Robinson, John Martin Regency Country House 1988 184513537
Seebohm, Carolyn and Christopher Simon Sykes English Country Living in England's Private Homes 1987 517560607
Steegman, John Rule of Taste from George I to George IV 1986 0712615024
Tenniswood, Adriene Historic Houses of Britain The Historic Trust 1991 0810934116
Worsley, Giles England's Lost Houses: From the Archives of Country Life 2002 9781854108203
Yorke and Trevor Georgian and Regency Houses Explained (England's Living History) 2007 9781846740510

Architecture Interiors

Aynsley, J & Grant, C editors Imagined Interiors 2006 1851774920
Irvine, Chippy English Room, The 2001 082122705X
Von Einsiedel, Andreas,
Mckenzie, Nadia
Historic Interiors of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland 1999 0810963884

Architecture Period

Brunskill, R W Vernacular Architecture of the Lake Counties 1978 0571094597
Childe, V Gordon Scotland Illustrated Guide to Ancient Monuments 1952 na
Gannon, Thomas Newport Mansions  The Gilded Age 1996 LLC8122099
Gardner, A H Outline of English Architecture 1946 na
Groom, Susanne Lee Prosser Kew Palace The Official Illustrated History 2006 978185894323x
King, David Complete Works of Robert and James Adam-Built and UnbuiltĀ  2001 9780750644686
Lambert, Deborah; Anna Fischel, William Hotopf, Jill Base, Yvonne Griffith Antique Collector's Directory of  Period Detail 2000 0764151673
Nicholson, Adam & Morter, Peter Prospects of England 2000 Years Seen through 12 English Towns 1989 5584239
Parissen, Steven Regency Style 2000 0714834548
Swan, Abraham Georgian Architectural Designs and Details: The Classic 1757 Stylebook 2005 0486443973
Williams, Henry & Ottalie,  Guide to Old American Houses 1700-1900 1962 498097916
Worsley, Niles Architectural Drawings of the Regency Period 1790-1837 1991 1558350446

Architecture Religious

Briers, Richard English Country Churches 1991 0860517179
Schutz, Bernhard Great Monasteries of Europe 2004 0789208296
Wright, Geoffrey N Discovering Abbeys and Priories   1998 0747802459

Architecture Roman

Lanciana, Rodolfo Ruins and Excavations of Ancient Rome 1969 0517289458
Macauly, David City A Story of Roman Planning and Construction 1974 039519492X


Banks, Elizabeth Creating Period Gardens 1991 0714826227
Batey, Mavis Regency Gardens 1995 0747802890
Berral, Julia Garden, The An Illustrated History 1966 0670334332
Cobbett, Wm English Gardener, The (1829) 1980 19281220
Desmond, Ray History of the Royal Botanical Gardens KEW, The (1995) 2007 9781842461686
Huxley, Anthony An Illustrated History Gardening 1978 48224240
Morley, John Regency Design  Gardens  Buildings  Interiors  Furniture 1993 0810937689
Tachen, Angelika Gardens in France 2008 9783836503099
Thomas, Graham Stuart Great Gardens of Britain 1979 0831739746
Wilson, C Anne Country House Kitchen Garden 1600-1950 1998 0750914238