A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent


This section contains books on: Horses, Coaches and Carriages, Travel, Fox Hunting; The Sea (NB books on navies are in Napoleonic War: Part 2); Pirates; Smuggling; and Trains.

Maps: Historic; War and Napoleonic War; England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland; London; France and Paris; Spain and Madrid; and Spain and Portugal.


Barton, Frank T (updated by) Condition of Hunters (Their Choice & Management by Nimrod The Veterinary Portions brought up to date by F T Harton 1908 na
Brereton, J M Horse in War 1976 0668039590
Gianoli, Luigi Horses and Horsemanship Through the Ages 1967 LLC68-9102
Moseman, C D and Brother Moseman's Illustrated Catalog of Horse Furnishing Goods  An Unabridged Republication of the 5th edition 1987 0486253813
Price, Steven D (editor) Whole Horse Catalog 1977 0671226924
Richardson, M T compiler and editor Practical Blacksmithing 1978 051725025X
Worsley, Giles British Stable, The 2004 0300107080

Coaches and Carriages

Anderson, R.Claude , Joy Mary Anderson Quicksilver; a hundred years of coaching, 1750-1850 1973 9780715360835
Freelove, Wm Francis Victorian Horses and Carriages A Personal Sketchbook 1979 0517539845
Gerhold, Dorian Road Transport before the Railways:  Russell's London Flying Wagons 1993 0521419506
Grafton, Carol Belanger (editor) Horses and Horse-drawn Vehicles  A Pictorial Archive 1994 0486279235
Hugget, Frank E Carriages at Eight 1979 0684164213
Kellogg, Charles W Driving the Horse in Harness 1979 0828903336
Knight, Capt C Morley & Gulbenkian, Mrs Nubar Foreword Hints on Driving (reprint of 1884 edition) 1969 851310400
Tristram, W Outram Coaching Days and Coaching Ways 1973 0854098658
Walrond, Sally Encyclopedia of Carriage Driving 1988 0851314465
Watney, Marylian Elegant Carriage 1961 851313310


Aldin, Cecil Romance of the Road, The (1909) 1986 1851700013
Brooks, Charles S Roads to the North and a Thread of English Road 1924 na
Burgess, Anthony Coaching Days of England 1966 na
Cobbett, William Intro & notes by Christopher Morris William Cobbett's Illustrated Rural Rides 1821-1832 1992 1856480313
Cobbett, Wm Rural Rides (1830) 1973 046000638X
Harper, Charles G Brighton Road, The (photocopy) 1892 na
Margetson, Stella Journey by Stages 1967 na
Morley, Frank Great North Road, The  1962 na
O'Brien, Michael Mrs. Adams in Winter: A Journey in the Last Days of Napoleon  2010 9780374215811

Fox Hunting

Apperly, Charles James Nimrod's Hunting Reminiscences comprising memoirs of Masters of Hounds, Noticeds of the crack Riders and Characteristics of the hunting countries of England 1927 na
Longridge, Roger History of Fox Hunting   1975 0517520036
Ridley, Jane Fox Hunting 1990 0002170490

The Sea

Bathhurst, Bella Lighthouse Stevensons The extraordinary story of the building of gthe Scottish lighthouses by the ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson 1999 0060932260
Bradford, Ernle Wall of England The Channel's 2000 Years of History 1966 na
Cornwell, E Ships The Illustrated History 1979 0517287951
Cornwell, Edward editor Illustrated History of Ships 1979 0517287951
Gordingly, David Seafaring Women  (Orig pub as Women Sailors and Saillor's Women) 2001 9780375758720
Hough, Richard History of Fighting Ships 1975 0706403037
Hugill, Stan Songs of the Sea 1977 0070311382
Paine, Lincoln P Ships of the World  An Historical Encyclopedia 1997 0395715563
Seal, Jeremy Treachery at Sharpnose Point 2001 0151005249
Seymour, John Companion Guide to the Coast of South-East-England, The 1975 2196301
Soule, Gardner Men Who Dared the Sea The Ocean Adventures of the Ancient Mariners 1976 0690010958
Walmsley, Leo British Ports and Harbours Britain in Pictures 1942 na
Williamson, J A English Channel, The 1959 LLC5911535


Cordingly, David Editor Pirates  Terror on the High Seas--from the Caribbean to the South China Sea (1998) 2005 1572152648


Douch, John Rough Rude Men A History of one-time Kentish Smuggling  1989 0906124077
Morley, Geoffrey Smuggling War, The The Government's Fight against Smuggling in the 18th and 19th Centuries
1994 075090349X
Platt, Richard Ordnance Survey Guide to Smugglers' Britain 1991 0304340650


Nock, O. S. Dawn of World Railways 1800-1850, The 1972 LLC71188767

Maps: Historic

Hodgkins, Alan G Discovering Antique Maps 1996 0747803072
  Penguin Atlas of Ancient History 1967 0140708324
Penguin Atlas of Medieval 0140708227
Penguin Atlas of Modern History up to 1815 1972 0140708413
Southampton, Ordnance Survey Roman Britain  Ordnance Survey Historical Map and Guide 1978 0319290255
Russell, Ronald Guide to British Topographical Prints 1979 715378104/font>
Cavallini Calendars Vintage Maps 2011 9781574899443
Cunliff, Barry editor Penguin Atlas of British and Irish Histories 2001 0141009952
Swift, Michael Historical Maps of Ireland 1999 na

Maps: War and Napoleonic War Era

Chandler, David Time chart History of War, The 2001 0681603186
Forty, Simon  & Swift, Michael Historical Maps of the Napoleonic Wars 2003 1856486516
Konstam, Angus Historical Atlas of the Napoleonic Era 2003 1585748676
Pilmott, John (Editor) Natkiel, Richard (Cartographer) Atlas of Warfare  1988 0831704985
Worley, Colin Atlas of the Peninsular War  1808-1814  2000 1869804546
Spain & Portugal Routes of army 1809 na

Maps: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland

Baynton-Williams, Ashley Town and City Maps of the British Isles 1800-1855 1992 9781851709410
Cary, John Cary's New Itinerary 1810 pdf 2012 na
Cary, John New and Correct English Atlas being a New Set of County Maps (Photocopy) 1793 na
HarperCollins Illustrated England The Photographic Atlas 2000 0007122772
Michelin Great Britain and Ireland 1977 ??
Michelin Michelin Great Br and Scotland/Index of Places 2003 2061007317
Michelin MIchelin Great Britain & Ireland Tourist and Motoring Atlas 2003 2061002390
Michelin Michelin Northern England, the Midlands 2003 2061007333
Michelin Michelin Wales, The Midlands and SW Eng 2003 206100735X
Moule, Thomas  County Maps of Old England  (1830) 1991 1851704035
Paterson, Daniel Assist. Q-M Gen New and Accurate Description of all the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales (6th edition) 1784 na
Paterson, Lt. Col Daniel New and Accurate Description of all the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales  and part of the roads of Scotland 1811 na
Paterson, Lt. Col Daniel New and Accurate Description of all the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales  and part of the roads of Scotland 1822 na

Maps: London

Cary, John New Pocket Plan of London  1806 na
Cruchley New Map of London Improved 1832 na
HarperCollins Illustrated London The Photographic Atlas 2000 0007108419
Horwood, Richard Horwood's 26" to mile map of London Westminster and Southward 1799  Digital CD 2007 9780954508074
Hyde, Ralph Cary, John 15 Miles Round London in 1786 Digital 2003 9786000004446
Hyde, Ralph Cary, John Find your way round London c. 1799 Digital 2006 9780954508074
Hyde, Ralph Cary, John Find your way round London c. 1830 Digital 2005 9780954508067
Knopf MapGuides London  2008 9780307263872
Lockie, John Topography of London (1813) 1994 na
London Topographical Society A to Z of Georgian London, The  (Pub. No. 126) 1982 0902087169
London Topographical Society A to Z of Regency London, The  (Pub. No. 131) 1985 0902807193
London Topographical Society A to Z of Regency London, The  (Pub. No. 131) 1985 0902807193
Ordnance Survey London Street Atlas 2001 0540078123
Whitfield, Peter London  A Life in Maps 2006 0712349197
Wyld. James London  (enlarged 300%) 1862 na

Maps: France and Paris

Michelin France  Tourist and Motoring Atlas 2002 2061001289
Michelin France Tourist and Motoring Atlas 1998 2061092012
Berger, Robertr W/ editor Paris  An Electronic Tour of the Old City  From Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century 2007 9781599100098
Fierro, Alfred  & Jean-Yves Sarazin Le Paris des Lumieres  D'Apres le Plan de Turgot (1734-1739) 2005 2711849856
Knopf MapGuides Paris 2009 9780307263889
Turgot Le Plan de Louis Bretez Dit "Plan de Turgot"  (1714, 1778)   1966 na

Maps: Spain and Madrid

Fecit, A Coquart Spain -- Carte Generale des MontsPyreness et Partie des Royaumes de France et d'Espagne na
Lopez, Juan Madrid and Its Quarters, Plan of  (1812) 1968 na
Mapeasy Spain  folding map 2000 na
Spain & Portugal  Routes of army 1809  "I"  na
Madrid (de la Villa) Cortes Delos Reyes Catholicos de Espana  (1695) 1971 na
Province of Madrid 1773 na

Maps: Spain and Portugal

Kummerly & Frey Spain and Portugal 1979? na
Michelin Spain and Portugal Tourist and Motoring  2001 2060002745