A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent


This section contains books on: Romance Collections, Dance, Flowers, Love/Sex, Perfume and Scents, and Sweets.

Romance Collections

Guiley, Rosemary Lovelines The Romance Readers Guide to Printed Pleasures 1983 0871967243
Jaegly, Peggy J Romantic Hearts  A Personal Reference for Romance Readers 1997 0578860008
Reno, Don E  Tiegs, Jacque Collecting Romance Novels 1995 0964150956
Romance Readers Handbook 1989 0940338254
The Essence of Romance l II (Romance listings by author) 1997 0963713029
The Story Continues IV Series, Sequels, Spinoffs 1998 na


Aldrich, Elizabeth From the Ballroom to Hell  Grace and Folly in 19th C Dance 1991 0810109131
Lexington Vintage Dance Lady Caroline's Regency Romp  Dance Music of the early 19th Century 2006 na


Dunnann, Nancy Phyliss, Phoebe Compilers Album of Roses, An 1978 0670111872
Greenaway, Kate Language of Flowers 1979 0517221756
Grigson, Geoffrey 65 Wild flowers in Britain (Britain in Pictures ) 1948 na
Hutchinson, John British Wild Flowers V 1 1972 0838612679
Hutchinson, John British Wild Flowers V 2 1972 0838612687
Loewer, Peter Loves Me, Loves Me Not 2006 1591862981
Marsh, Jane Illuminated Language of Flowers, The 1978 003044196X
Martin, Laura C Garden Flower Folklore 1987 0871067668
Pavord, Anna Tulip The Study of a Flower that Has  Made Men Mad, The 2001 1582341303
Taylor, George M. British Garden Flowers Britain in Pictures 1947 na
Language and Sentiment of Flowers  A Romantic Dictionary 1973 0837817269
P J Redoute Roses 1978 na

Love and Sex

Books Passport Lover's Dictionary, The  How to Become Amorous in 5 Delectable Languages 1981 0577390981
Bruggeman, Lewis W English Editions, Translations, and Illustrations 1797 na
Bruggeman, Lewis W English Editions, Translations, and Illustrations 1797 na
Burford, E.J. Joy Wotton Private Vices-Public Virtues: Bawdy in London  from Elizabethean times to the Regency 1995 709057245
Davenport, Gwen Great Loves in Legend and Life 1964 LLC6416343
Foxon, David Libertine Literature in England 1660-1745 1965 LLC6524310
Gray, Francine Du Plessix At Home with the Marquis de Sade 1998 0684800071
Greene, Robert Art of Seduction 2001 0670891924
Greene, Robert Art of Seduction 2001 0670891924
Griffin, Susan Mistress, The Histories, myths and interpretations of the other woman 1999 0747544360
Harvey, A. D. Sex in Georgian England 2002 1842122730
Harvey, A. D. Sex in Georgian England 2002 1842122730
Herman, Eleanor Sex with Kings 2005 0060585447
Jessop, Joanne editor Lovers Book of Days 1993 785800867
Jones,Claude E editor Henry Fielding  The Lover's Assistant or New Art of Love 1961 na
Lovric, Michelle Passionate Love Letters An Anthology of Desire 1988 1573355348
Margetson, Stella St. John's Wood  An Abode of Love and the Arts 1988 0951191829
Peterkin, A D Bald Headed Hermit and the Artichoke An Erotic Thesaurus, The  1999 155152063X
Ratcliffe, Susan Oxford Love Quotations 1999 0198602405
May, Lewis translator Love Books of Ovid:  Amores, Ars Amatoria, Rededia Amoris and Medicamina Faciei Femineae 1930  
Mozley, J H (translator) Ovid The Art of Love and Other Poems 1999 0674992555
Pearcy, Lee T Mediated Muse  English Translations of Ovid 1560-1700 1984
Shapiro, Jack (translator) Art of Love Classic Rules of Seduction (Audio tape) 1990 1572700505
Shapero, Jack Ovid:  The Art of Love and Remedies for Love 1990 0934810095
Thirkell, Angela Tribute for Harriette   The Surprising Career of Harriette Wilson 1936 1963 1888173955
Wilson, Harriet Games of the Heart 1957 na
Wright, F A Ovid The Lover's Handbook na
Yagley, Robert editor Book of Courtly Love, The Medieval Stories & Songs 1997 076074198

Perfume and Scents

Booth, Nancy M Perfumes, Splashes, & Colognes 1997 882669850
Buc'hoz, Pierre-Joseph Toilet of Flora, or, a Collection of the Most Simple and Approved Methods of Preparing Baths, Essences, Pomatums, Powders, Perfunes and (1784) 2010 9781153179423
Downing, Sarah Jane Beauty and Cosmetics 1550-1950 (Shire Library) 2012 9780747808398
Ellis, Aytoun Essence of Beauty, The  A History of Perfume and Cosmetics 1962 na
Feydeau, Elizabeth de Scented Palace  The Secret History of Marie Antoinette's Perfumer 2006 1845111893
Genders, Roy Perfume Through the Ages 1972 LLC7275958
Green, Annette & Dyett, Linda Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry 1998 na
Groom, Nigel Perfume Handbook, The 1992  
Lawless, Julia Essential Oils  The Illustrated Encyclopedia 1995 156619905
Morfit, Campbell Perfumery:  Its Manufacture and Use 1933 na
Morris, Edwin Fragrance The Story of Perfume from Cleopatra to Chanel 1984
Pavia, Fabienne World of Perfume, The 1995 157715004X
Piesse, G W Septimus Art of Perfumery and method of obtaining the odors of plants (photocopy) 1857 na
Piesse, G W Septimus Hostoire des Parfums of Hygiene de la toilette 1890 na
Poucher, Ph.C., Wm. A Perfumes Cosmetics & Soaps 1932 na
Riggs, Maribeth Scented Bath  1991 670831727
Rimmel, Eugene Book of Perfumes, The   (photocopy) 1864 na
Sagarin, Edward Science and Art of Perfumery 1945 na
Thompson, C J S Mystery and Lure of Perfume 1969  
Barber's Cue 1987


Richardson, Tim Sweets A History of Temptation 2003 055381446