A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent


This section contains books on: Antiques, Carpets, Education, Food/Cooking, Furniture, Furniture: Regency, Herbs/Herbal Medicine, Household Management, Jewelry, Medicine, Medicine: Contraception, Needlework, and Wine/Spirits.


Atterbury, Paul (edited) Popular Antiques 1977 0706406141
Blom, Philipp To Have and to Hold An Intimate History of Collectors and Collecting 2002
Hartop, Christopher WRoyal Goldsmiths: The Art of Rundell & Bridge 1797-1834 boxed with Silver from a Gilded Age 2005 952432234
Koopman Rare Art WSilver from a Gilded Age: George III to Queen Victoria boxed w/Royal Goldsmiths 2005 952432242
Strong, Roy World Antiques 1978 0890091307
Watson, Lucilla Understanding Antiques 1987 0670818089


Weeks, Jeanne G & Treganowan, Donald Rugs and Carpets of Europe and the Western World 1969 0517245507


Gardner, Brian    Public Schools 1973 241023378
Hans, Nicholas New Trends in Education in the Eighteenth Century 1951 na
Hughes, Kathryn Victorian Governess, The 1993 1852850027

Food and Cooking

Edden, Helen Traditional Recipes of Old England 1996 0781804892
Eveleigh, David J Old Cooking Utensils 2001 0852638124
Glasse, Mrs Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy (1805) 1977 1557094624
Glasse, Mrs Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy (1805) 1977 1557094624
Grigson, Jane Food With the Famous 1984 9780718118556
Haskell, Mrs E. F. Civil War Cooking:  The Housekeeper's Encyclopedia 1992 0914046160
Kimbal, Chris Fannie's Last Supper Re-creating One Amazing Meal from Fannie Farmer's 1896 Cookbook 2010 9781401323226
Lorwin, Madge Dining with Wm Shakespeare 1976 0689107315
Paterson, Wilma Lord Byron's Relish: The Regency Cookery Book 1990 9781872536026


  Encyclopedia of Furniture, An 1997 1840130539
Aronson, Joseph Encylopedia of Furniture, The 3rd Ed 1965
Eerdmans, Emily Classic English Design and Antiques  Period Styles and Furniture   The Hype Park Antiques Collection 2006
Gloag, John British Furniture Makers Britain in Pictures 1940?/td>
Gottshall, Franklin How to Design and Construct Period Furniture 1937
Joy, Edward Furniture 1975
Jacobs, Flora Gill World of Doll Houses 1965 0517110466
Towner, Margaret Dollhouse Furniture 1993 1561383252

Furniture: Regency

Browne, John Kenworthy Chippendale and His Contemporaries 1971 085613127X
Chippendale, Thomas Gentleman and Cabinent Makers Directory 1966 0486216012
Clouston, Kate Chippendale Period in English Furniture 1972 0517227940
Hepplewhite, George Cabinent Maker and Upholsterer's Guide (1794) 1969 0486221830
Musgrave, Clifford Regency Furniture 1961 na
Nouvel-Kammerer, Odile Symbols of Power  Napoleon and the Art of the Empire Style 1800-1815   2007
Reade, Brian Regency Antiques 1953 na
Southebey's Thurn und Taxis Collection, Sotheby's Geneva 1992 na

Herbs and Herbal Medicine

Cunningham, Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magic Herbs 1999
Cupeper, Nicholas Culpeper's Complete Herbal (1653) 1995
Genders, Roy Complete book of Herbs and Herb Growing 1980
Ody, Penelope Complete Medicinal Herbal 1993
Peplow, Elizabeth & Reginald Herbs and Herb Gardens of Britain  A Comprehensive Guide 1984
Quatrochi, Kathlyn Skin Care Book, The  Simple Herbal Recipes  1997
Taylor, George M. British Herbs and Vegetables Britain in Pictures  1947
Wilcox, Charles and Lola Still Room Book and CD  2010

Household Management

Adams Complete Servant, The (1825--1989) 1993
Adams, Samuel; Adams, Sarah Complete Servant, The 2000 1870962095
Bailey, N Dictionarium Domesticum, being a new and compleat household dictionary. For the use both of city and country (1736) 2011 9781140821564
Fairchilds, Cissie Domestic Enemies: Servants and Their Masters in Old Regime France 1984 978080182978X
Glass, H Servants Directory Improved or House-Keepers Companion 1762
Hardyment. Christina Home Comfort  A History of Domestic Arrangements in Association with the National Trust 1992 0897333756
Humble, Nicola editor Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management (1861) 2000
Onesimus Footman's Directory and Butler's Remembrancer 1823 1998?? 0946014701
Roberts, Robert Robert's Guide for Butlers & other Household Staff (1827) 1993
Roberts, Sally Servants' World, The 2009 na
Yalom, Marilyn  A History of the Wife 2001 0060193387


Lanllier, Jean & Pini Marie-Anne Five Centuries of Jewelry in the West 1983 0517672405


Ives, A G L British Hospitals 1948
Kobler, John Reluctant Surgeon  John Hunter 1999
Lyons, Albert & Petrucilli, R Medicine An Illustrated History 1987
Motion, Andrew Wainewright, The Poisoner 2000
Porter, Roy Disease, Medicine, and Society in England 1550-1860 1993
Porter, Roy Doctor of Society  Thomas Beddoes and the Sick Trade in Late-enlightment England  1992
Qince, Thomas Confessions of an English Opium Eater 1950 na
Van Straten, Michael Home Remedies 1998 na
Wooley, Benjamin Heal Thyself -- Nicholas Culper and the 17th Struggle to Bring Medicine to the People 2004 0060090669
Timetables of Medicine 2000
Moore, Wendy Knife Man, The  The Extraordinary Life and Times of John Hunter, Father of Modern Surgery 2005 0767916522

Medicine: Contraception

Cook, Hera Long Sexual Revolution, The English Women, Sex & Contraception 1800-1975 2004 0199252394
Fryer, Peter Birth Controllers, The 1965 na
Green, Shirley Curious History of Contraception, The  1971 na
Himes, Norman E Medical History of Contraception 1970 na

Mental Health

Andrews, Jonathon; Scull, Andrew Customers and Patrons of the Mad Trade  The Management of Lunacy in 18th C London 2003 0520226607
Burtonm Robert Anatomy of Melancholy 2001
MacKenzie, Charlotte Psychiatry for the Rich  A History of Ticehurst Asylum 1792-1917 1992 0415088917
Porter, Roy Madmen A Social History of Madhouses, Mad-doctors and Lunatics (1987) 2004 0752419722


Brooke, Xanthe Catalogue of Embroideries 1992 0750902426
Chicago, Judy Embroidering our Heritage The Dinner Party Needlework 1980 0385145691
Gostel, O W Complete International Book of Embroidery 1977 0671228862
Krochman, Arnold and Connie Complete Illus. Book of Dyes from Natural Sources 1974  
Wilson, Erica Craft of Silk and Gold Thread Embroidery and Stump Work   0684150670
Greenoff, Jane Cross Stitch Antique Style Sampers 2005 0715318306

Wine and Spirits

Banks, Fay Wine Drinking in Oxford 1640-1850  1997
Bespaloff, Alexis Wine, The Signet Book of 1971
Brown, Gordon Classic Spirits of the World  A Comprehensive Guide 1995
Johnson, Hugh Hugh Johnson's Encyclopedia of Wine 1977
Morrell, John Wines of the World, An International Guide to 1974
Morrell, Peter I'm in the Wine Store, Now What?! 2000
Powell, Fred Bartender's Standard Manual 1971
Walton, Stuart & Glover, Brian Ultimate Encyclopedia of Wine, Beer, Spirits, & Liqueurs   1999
White, Francesca Cheers A Spirited Guide to Liquors and Liqueurs 1977