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History Collection

This section contains books on: World History, World History-Durant, World Adventure, Roman, Ancient Egypt, English, English Monarcy, Scottish, Regency England, French, and Italian History.

World History

Anderson, Pincetl, Ziegler Europe in the Nineteenth Century: Readings in Intellectual and Social History 1815-1870  2 Vol. 1961 LLC61-13154
Bernier, Olivier World in 1800, The 2000 0471303712
Davidson, Marshall B World in 1776: The Horizon History of the 1975  
Fremantle, Anne Age of Faith 1965 na
Hibbert, Christopher Twilight of Princes 1974 0882250701
Hull, Edward Wall Chart of World History 1988 0880292393
King, C Harold History of Civilization 1956  
Kissinger, Henry World Restored, A (1957) 1999 0297643959
Palmer, Allan (editor) Age of Optimism 1974 0882250728
Richardson, John Local Historian's Encyclopedia, The (1974) 1989 095036567X
Toynbee, Arnold Study of History, A 1947 na
World Chart of World History 0880292393

World History: Durant

Durant, Will and Ariel Lessons of History, The 1968 LLC6819949
Durant, Will Our Oriental Heritage  V 1 1954 LLC35110016
Durant, Will Life of Greece (1936)  V 2 1966 na
Durant, Will Caesar and Christ  V 3 1944 LLC3510016
Durant, Will Age of Faith  V 4 1950 LLC35110016
Durant, Will Renaissance  V 5 1953 LLC35110016
Durant, Will Reformation  V 6 1957 LLC35110016
Durant, Will and Ariel Age of Reason  V 7 1961 LLC35110016
Durant, Will and Ariel Age of Louis XIV  V 8 1963 LLC35110016
Durant, Will and Ariel Age of Voltaire  V 9 1965 LLC6511161
Durant, Will and Ariel Rousseau and Revolution  V 10 1967 LLC6714239
Durant, Will and Ariel Age of Napoleon, The  V 11 1975 067121988X

World Adventure

Flaum, Eric Discovery Exploration through the Centuries 1990  
Fleming, Fergus Barrow's Boys (Exploration 1816-1859 1998 0802137946
Potter, Wm Boys Guide to the Historical Adventures of G A Henty 2000 1929241151
Reader's Digest Great Adventures That Changed the World 1978 0895770482

Greek History

Duder, Tessa Journey to Olympia The Story of the Opympic Games 1992 0590457969
More, Daisy & Bowman John Aegean Rivals 1986 na
North translated by Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans 1941 na

Roman History

Bifeo, Sara C Secrets of Vesuvius 1990 0590438514
Carcopino, Jerome Daily Life in Ancient Rome 1958 na
Carpiceci, Alberto Pompeii Nowadays and Long Ago 1977 8872040175
Cowell, F R Life in Ancient Rome 1961 0399503285
Eyewitness Book Ancient Rome 1990 0679807411
Gibbon, Edward Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire papbk in Classics 1994 0517102935
Grant, Michael Cicero  Selected Works (Penguin Classics) 1971 0140440992
Hanford, S A Sallust  The Jugurthine War/ The Conspiracy of Catiline  (Penquin Classics) (1963) 1987 0140441328
Hooper, Finley Roman Realities 1966 0814315941
Jimenez, Ramon L Caesar against the Celts 2001 0780785814175
North  translated by  Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans 1941 na
Peddie, John Roman War Machine, The (1994) 1996 0750906731
Penguin Classic Lives of the Later Caesars 1976 0140493088
Scarre, Chris Chronicle of the Roman Emperors Reign by reign 1995 0500050775
Scott-Kilver, Ian Plutarch  Makers of Rome 1965 0140441581
Selincourt, Abrey de Livy  The Early History of Rome 1960 0140441042
Usborne Book Rome and Romans   0860200701
Warner, Rex Plutarch  Fall of the Republic (Penquin Classic) 1972 0140440844
Webster, Graham Roman Imperial Army, The  (1969, 1979) 1994 9781566194172

Roman History

McAleavy, Tony Life in Roman Britain  English Heritage Gatekeeper Series 2004? 1850747334
Salway, Peter Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain 1993 0198229844
Scullard, H H Roman Britain Outpost of the Empire 1979 LLC 7863042

Ancient Egypt

Field Trip Magazine Ancient Egypt 1989 0813662893
Johnson, Paul Civilization of Ancient Egypt 1998 0060194340
Putnam, James Egyptology An Introduction 1990 0577023369
Wilcox, Charlotte Mummies and their Mysteries 1993 059053596X

American History

Blumberg, Arnold When Washington Burned: An Illustrated History of the War of 1812 2012 9781612001012
Harr, John Ensor Dark Eagle A Novel of Benedict Arnold and the American Revolution 1999 0141000178X
Roush, J Fred Chalmette-- Nat Historic Park New Orleans -map of Battle of New Orleans na
editor Evelyn Beance James Madison's Montpelier Home of the Father of the Constitution 2008 971326126

English History

Alcock, Leslie Arthur's Britain 1971 0140213961
Allen, Charles Soldier Sahibs: Daring Adventurers Who Tamed India's Northwest Frontier 2001 0786708611
Bigham, Clive Prime Ministers of Britain 1721-1921 1924 na
Briggs, Asa Age of Improvement 1959 na
Briggs, Asa  Medlicott, W N (editor) History of England, A 1959 na
Buckle, Henry Thomas History of Civilization in England (1867)   na
Burgess, Colin Age of Stonehenge (1980) 2001 0785815937
Churchill, Winston S History of the English Speaking Peoples 4 volumes 1958 0880294272
Colley, Linda Britons Forging the Nation 1707-1837 1992 300057377
Collins Colins Dictionary British History 2002 0007128061
Connel, Brian Portrait of a Golden Age Intimate Papers of the 2nd Viscount Palmerston Courtier under Geo III 1958 LLC5710795
Conway, Lorraine All about Knights 1981 0856859672
Conway, Lorraine Middle Ages 1981 0866534008
Frischauer, Paul England's Years of Danger 1938
Harvey, A D Britain in the Early Nineteenth Century 1978 0312097476
Hibbert, Christopher King Mob: The London Riots of 1780 1958 0880293993
Jarrett, Derek England in the age of Hogarth 1974 670296244
Keay, John Honourable Company, The: A History of the English East India Company 1991 0025611690
Keay, John Honourable Company, The: A History of the English East India Company 1993  
Lancaster, Edward M Manual of English History  (1877) (Carol) 1900 na
Lane, Peter Georgian England Visual Sources Series 1981 0713433582
Lavel, Cecil F; Payen, C E Imperial Britain 1918 na
Mingay, G E Making of Britain: The Transformation of Britain 1830-1939 1986 071009762X
Newman, Gerald Britain in the Hanoverian Age 1714-1837: An Encyclopedia 1997 0815303963
Notstein, Wallace English People on the Eve of Colonialization, The 1954 LLC54-8978
Picard, Liza Doctor Johnson's London 2000 0312291531
Picard, Liza Restoration London From Poverty to Pets, etc 1997 0312186592
Pierceson, John Serpent and the Stag 1983 0030554314
Plumb, J H Georgian Delights 1980 0316711284
Price, Richard British Society 1680-1880 Dynamism, Containment, and Change 1999 0521651727
Reed, Michael Making of Britain: Age of Exuberance 1550-1700 1986 0710098030C
Reed, Michael Making of Britain: Georgian Triumph 1700-1830 1983 0710094140
Rowley, Tevor Making of Britain: The Norman Heritage 1066-1200, The 1983 0710094132
Rowley, Tevor Making of Britain: High Middle Ages 1200-1550, The 1986 071009815-4
Scott, A Stuart Age, The 1974 0690009232
Strong, Roy; Oman, Julia T English Year, The  1982 0899191223
Thompson, Daniel (editor) Burke's Speech Conciliation 1924 na
Treasure, Geoffrey Early Hanoverian Britain 1714-1789: Who's Who in British History 2002 0811716434
Treasure, Geoffrey Late Hanoverian Britain 1789-1837: Who's Who in British History 1997 0811716449
Trevelyan, G M Shortened History of England 1978 0140204431
Watson, J Steven Reign of George III 1760-1815 Oxford History Vol. 12 1964 na
Williams, E N English and European History, Penguin Dictionary of Who' Who 1485-1789 1980 na
Willson, David Harris History of England 1972 003085315X
  History of England Summary Cards 1980 na

English Monarchy

Bruce, Alastair; Calder, Julian; Cator, Mark Keepers of the Kingdom The Ancient Offices of Britain 1999 0865652023
Delderfield, Eric R Kings and Queens of England 1971 0517250950
Fraser, Antonia Royal Charles Charles II and the Restoration 1979 39449721X
Hudson, M E  Clark, Mary Crown of a Thousand Years 1978 0517534525
Pottinger, Don & Brooke-Little, Jon (editor) Kings and Queens of Great Britain A Genealogical Chart 1979 0577503441
Rose, Tessa Coronation Ceremony and The Crown Jewels 1992 0117013617
Wedgewood, C V Coffin for King Charles 2001 1585790338
  Illustrated London News, The: Coronation 1937 1937 na

Scottish History

Adam, Frank Clans, Sept, and Regiments of Scottish Highlands 1907 na
Bowling, A H Scottish Regiments and Uniforms 1660-1914 1971 0855240431
Clyde, Robert From Rebel to Hero The Image of Highlander 1745-1830 1998 1898410216
Moncreiffe, Sir Iain Highland Clans (1967) 1977 LLC7773130
Reid, Stuart Highlander, Fearless Celtic Warriors 2000 1903040035
Smith, Janet Adam 101 Life Among the Scots -- (Britain in Pictures Series #) 1946 na

Regency England

Ashton, John Dawn of 19th Century in England 1904 na
Ashton, John Social England under the Regency Vol 1-2 (photocopy) 1899 na
Bryant, Arthur Years of Endurance 1793-1802 1942 na
Bryant, Arthur Years of Victory  1802-1812 1945 na
Bryant, Arthur Age of Elegance 1812-1822, The 1954 na
Erickson, Carolly Our Tempestuous Day: A History of Regency England 1986 0688060862
Grenby, M. O. Anti-Jacobin Novel: British Conservatism & the French Revolution 1999 0521803519
Mori, Jennifer Britain in the Age of the French Revolution 1785-1820 2000 0582238528
Jago, Lucy Regency House Party As seen on Channel Four 2004 316726583
Jupp, Peter TLetter Journal of George Canning, 1793,1795 The 1991 0861931262
Jupp, Peter Letter Journal of George Canning, 1793,1795 The 1991 0861931262
Liechtenstein, Princess Marie Holland House 2 Volumes 1874 na
Liechtenstein, Princess Marie Holland House 2 Volumes 1874 na
Low, Donald A That Sunny Dome: A Portrait of Regency Britain 1977 0460120085
Murray, Venetia Elegant Madness High Society in Regency --England: High Society A Social History of the Regency Period 1788-1830 1998 0140282963
Pigott, C Female Jockey Club 1794 na
Pigott, C Female Jockey Club (photocopy) 1794 na
Plowright, John Regency England, the Age of Lord Liverpool 1996 041512140X
Roush, J Fred Chalmette-- Nat Historic Park New Orleans -map of Battle of New Orleans   na
Sanders, Lloyd Holland House Circle1969 LLC7082004

French History

Alder, Ken Measure of All Things, The 2002  
de Witt, M/M Guizot History of France from the earliest Times to 1848 1878 na
Penguin Classic Froissart Chronicles 1968 0140442006
Thorpe, Lewis Gregory of Tours, the History of the Franks 1974 0140442952
Tindall, Gillian Celestine Voices from a French Village 1996 805045465
Woloch, Isser New Regime, The Transformations of the French Civic Order, 1789-1820's 1995 393313972
Duff, Cooper Talleyrand (1932) 1964 na
Dard, Emile Napoleon and Talleyrand 1937 na
Lawday, David Napoleon's Master: a Life of Prince Talleyrand 2007 9780312372972

French History: The French Revolution

Andress, David Terror, The Merciless War for Freedom in Revolutionary France 2005 9780374273415
Carpenter, Kristy Refugees of the French Revolution Émigrés in London 1789-1802 1999 033371833X
Carpenter, Kristy & Mansel, Philip Editors French Émigrés in Europe and the Struggle Against the Revolution 1789-1814  1999 0333744365
Cobb, Richard French and Their Revolution, The 1998 1565845404
Cobb, Richard Jones, Collin Voices of the French Revolution 1988 0881623385
Darnton, Robert Forbidden Best-sellers of Pre-Revolutionary France, The 1996 2558351
d'Ecquevilly, Lt. Gen, translated by Nafziger, G F Campaigns of the Royalist Army under the Duc de Conde during the wars of the French Revolution Vol 1 (1818) 2006 9781585451495
Erickson, Carolly To the Scaffold: The Life of Marie Antoinette 1991 0688116116
Fraser, Antonia Marie Antoinette 2001 038548948X
Fremont-Barnes, Gregory  editor Encyclopedia of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, 3 volumes 2006 1851096469
Gotschok, Lewis  Lach, Donald Toward the French Revolution 1973 684136996
Grenby, M. O. Anti-Jacobin Novel: British Conservatism & the French Revolution 1999 0521803519
Gulland, Sandra Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe (Fiction) Josephine 1998 0684856077
Harcourt, Felice editor Escape from the Terror Memoirs of Madame de la Tour du Pin 1979 na
Hibbert, Christopher Days of the French Revolution 1980 0688007465
Hibbert, Christopher Days of the French Revolution 1980 0688169783
Kelly, Linda Women of the French Revolution 1987 0241126770
Lefevbre, George Great Fear of 1789, The 1973 0394484944
Manceron, Claude Blood of the Bastille 1787-1789 1989 06171678485
Rambuteau Memoirs of the Comte de Rambueau 1908 na
Rude, George Crowd in the French Revolution, The 1959 na
St. Elme, Ida Memoirs of a Contemporary 1902 na
Weiner, Marjery French Exiles 1789-1815 19? na

Italian History

Rowdon, Maurice Silver Age of Venice, The 1970 LLC7199596
Stendahl Charter House of Parma, The (fiction) 1999 0679783180