A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent


This section contains books on: Great Britain, Regions of England, English Inns and Walks, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Europe, France, Portugal, Portugal and Spain, and Spain.

Great Britain

Bradley, A G Rivers and Streams of England (1909) 1993 1851709967
Brereton, Peter Through Britain on Country Roads 1982 0517547139
Croutier, Alev Lytle Taking the Waters Spirit, Art, Sensuality 1992 1558592199
DeFoe, Daniel Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain (1724) 1971 na
Ditchfield, P H & Roe, F Vanishing England 1993 185891048X
Fells, Richard  Grevantt, T (photographer) Underground Britain, A Visitor's Guide to Caves, Caverns, Mines, Tunnel, Grottoes (text 1989) 1993 185471127X
lonely planet Great Britain 2005 1740599217
Muir, Richard Riddles in the British Landscape 1981 LLC8054191
Norwich, Julius editor Treasures of Britain 2002 0393057402
Ogrizek, Dore Great Britain: England, Scotland, & Wales 1953 na
Rackhem, Oliver Illustrated History of the Countryside 1994 184188104x
Rackhem, Oliver Trees & Woodland in the British Landscape  The Complete history of Britain's Trees, Woods, & Hedgerows (1976) 1990 1842124692
Rolfe, Wilfred Love of Britain, The 1976 0706405285
Sommerville, Christopher Images of Rural Britain 2001 0760728054
St. Martin Press Let's Go: Britain on a Budget 2006 0312348886
Tarchetti, S (text) Balocco, P Graphic design GreatBritain 1993 1855012944
Wilson, Smith, Cook England   1971 6702906074
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Regions of England

Finberg, Josceline Cotswold, The The Regions of Britain 1977 041373304
Fletcher, J. S Picturesque History of Yorkshire Vol 1-6 starting in 1899 1901 LLC 01000681
Fraser, Maxwell Companion into Worchestershire (1939) 1944 na
Hardy, Thomas Wessex Tales, The not
Hawkes, Jason Garden of England from the Air 2001 0091879078
Hawkes, Jason West Country from the Air 2001 009187906X
Marshall, Sybil Pride of Tigers, A A Fen Family and Its Fortunes 1995 357910864?
Palmer, W English Lakes, The 1918 na
Sale, Richard Gloucestershire: People and History 2002 1861265336
Speakman, Colin Portrait of North Yorkshire 1986 0709025807
Walker, George Life in Yorkshire 1814 na
Watts, Lin Yorkshire Encounters 2003 1840187107
  Guide to Warwick and its Neighbourhood Kenilworth, Stratford-on-Avon, Coventry NA na

Engligh Inns & Walks

Bruning, Ted Historic Inns of England 2000 1853753726
Burke, Thomas English Inns 1943 na
House, Nicholas Rural Retreats--B&B's etc  2001 na
Nuttall. John & Anne Peak District, Great Walks (1987) 1990 1872226329
Oakes, George W Turn Left at the Pub updated edition of Walking Tours of the English Countryside 1968 0679506713
O'Reilly, Eilene & Eugene Country Inns, Lodges, & Historic Hotels of Britain 1979 0891021620
Sawday, Alastair British Hotels, Inns and other places  Alastair Sawday's Special Places to Stay 1999 0762706597
Skurdenis, Julian Smircich, Lawrence More Walks Straight Though the Square (London) 1977 0679509687X
Tozier, Josephine Among English Inns 1904 na


Dottin, Georges translated by David MacRae Civilization of the Celts, The 1970 0517309238
Egan, Pierce Life in Ireland (photocopy) 1824 na
Rees, Alwyn and Brinley Celtic Heritage Ancient Tradition in Ireland & Wales 1998 0500270392


Devine, T M Scottish Nation 1700-2000 1999 0141002344
Fuller, Tonda Kilts: The History of a Scottish Icon: Celtic Hearts eclass 2006 na
Grant, I F Highland Folk Ways (1971) 1975 0710080646p
Hamilton, Ronald Holiday History of Scotland 1975 0517229005
Maclean, Fitzroy Concise History of Scotland, A 1970 670236535
Maclean, Fitzroy Concise History of Scotland, A, pprbk 1988 0500272247
McLaren, Moray Understanding the Scots 1972 0517139227
Scott, Bart., Sir Walter Description of the Regalia of Scotland not
Swelby, John Over the Sea to Skye 1973 na
Tabraham, Christopher Scottish Castles and Fortifications 1986 0114924759


Condry, William Wales 1991 0863837816
Ellis, Alice Thomas Welsh Childhood 1997 1559212837
Jones, Sydney R. England West 1950 na
Rees, Alwyn and Brinley Celtic Heritage: Ancient Tradition in Ireland & Wales 1998 0500270392
Thomas, Ruth South Wales 1977 0668042397


Morris, Jan (text by) Over Europe 1991 1892374633
Rolfe, W J Satchel Guide for the Vacation Tourist in Europe 1980 na
Steves, Rick Europe Through the Back Door 2007 2006 9781566918084


Egan, E W France in Pictures 1976 0806910569
Fodor's Paris 1978 0679003029
Greggio, Simonetta One Hundred and One Beautiful Small Towns in France 2006 0847828417
Guerard, Albert France 1959 LLC58-62523
Jones. Colin Paris: The Biography of a City 2004 0670033936
Magi, Giovanna Paris 1990 8870092046
Ogrizek, Dore Provinces of France 1953 na
Robb, Graham Discovery of France: A Historical Geography from the Revolution to the First World War 2007 9780393059731


Bowe, Patrick; Sapieha, P; Venturi, F Houses and Gardens of Portugal 1998 0847820998
Saramago, Jose Journey to Portugal: In Pursuit of Portugal's History and Culture 1990 0156007134
Shrady, Nicholas Last Day, The: Wrath, Ruin, and Reason in the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 2008 9780670018512

Portugal &Spain

Ogrizek, Dore Spain and Portugal 1953 na
Sawday, Alastair Spain and Portugal: Alastair Sawday's Special Places to Stay 1999 0762707232
World & Its Peoples Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar 1969 LLC6321460


Blue Guide - Hachette Espagne 1973 na
Crow, John A Spain: The Root and the Flower 1985 0520051335
Fodor's Spain 1979 0679003469
Gitlitz, D M & Davidson, L K Pilgrimage Road to Santiago 2000 0312254164
Konemann Historical Paradors  A Journey through Spanish Hotels 1997 3829022336
Lalaguna, Juan Spain, A Traveller's History of 1999 1566563240
Valbonne, Jean Spain 1973 na
Wigram, Edgar Northern Spain 1906 na