A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent

Cities, Towns, and Villages

This section contains books on: London, Tower of London, The Thames, Other English Cities/Towns/Villages, France, Italy, and Spain.


Toynbee, Arnold Cities of Destiny 1967 0517189577


Ackroyd, Peter London, The Biography 2003 0385497717
Bolitho, Hector & Peel, Derek Without the City Wall  An Adventure in London Street Names (1952) 2002 1585790427
Borer, Mary Cathcart Illustrated Guide to London 1800, An 1988 0312027788
Burke, Thomas Streets of London 1949 na
Chancellor, E Beresford History of the Squares of London Topographical and Historical (photocopy in 2 parts)  1907 na
Chancellor, E Beresford Liberty and Regent Street  4th Edition 1926 na
Chancellor, E Beresford Memorials of St. James's Street and Chronicles of Almack's 1921 na
Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's St. Paul's Cathedral A Guide 1988  
Egan, Pierce G Cruikxhank Tom and Jerry: Life in London; or The Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn and His Elegant Friend, Corinthian Tom 2007 9780548224847
Escudo De Oro, S.A. Technical Department All London 1992 8437810108
Fodor's London 1979 1978 0679003517
Fritter, R S R London's Natural History (1945) 1990 1870630696
Hibbert, Christopher London  The Biography of a City 1969 LLC 7378063
Horwich, John British Museum Sovenir Guide 1992 0714116920
Leapman, Michael (editor) Book of London The Evolution of a Great City 1989 1555843700
Margetson, Stella Regency London 1971 LCC71165530
Morris, John Londinium  London in the Roman Empire 1982 1898801622
Paget, Julian Discovering London Ceremonial and Traditions 1989 0852639945
Picard, Liza Doctor Johnson's London 2000 0312291531
Quennell, Peter London's Underworld (1862) 1966 na
Richardson, John Annals of London, The 2000 0520227956
Rolfe, Wilfred Love of London, The 1978 0706406931
Russell, John London 1974 0810981963
St. Aubyn, Fiona Ackerman's Illustrated London (Microcosm of London) 1985 1853269204
Shelley, Henry C Inns and Taverns of Old London 1909 na
Smith, Al Dictionary of City of London Street Names 1970 0668023260
Smith, Stephen Underground London: Travels beneath the City Streets  2004 316861340
Thorold, Peter London Rich: The Creation of a Great City from 1666 to the present 1999 0312266162
Waller, Maureen 1700  Scenes from London Life 2000 1568581645
Weinreb, Ben & Hibbert, Christopher Editors London Encyclopedia, The 1983 0917561074
Whitfield, Peter London  A Life in Maps 2006 0712349197
Woolfrey, Celia London Walks (On Foot Guides)  A Life in Maps 2006 9780762741618

The Thames

Ashton, John The Fleet: Its River, Prison, and Marriages   (1888) 1868 LLC68-21753
Alfry, Sandra London and the River Thames (5 booklets) 1978 na
Cole, Robert Thames, The 2005 0300107862

Tower of London

Dick, W R Short Sketch of the Beauchamp Tower, Tower of London and also a Guide  circa 1850?   na
Dillon, Viscount Tower of London Circa 1900   na
Field, Maj Gen Geoffrey Tower of London, The (1996)  (The Official Guidebook) 2006 na
Hahn, Daniel The Tower Menagerie: The Amazing 600-Year History of the Royal Collection of Wild and Ferocious Beasts Kept at the Tower of London 2004 1585423351
Parnell, Geoffrey Tower of London Past and Present 1998 0750917636
Pottinger, Don Tower of London, Official Chart 1979 0517534126

Other English Cities, Towns, Villages

Andrews, W & Land, Elsie M Old English Towns (1931) 1985 0946495645
Bentley, James Palmer, Hugh Most Beautiful Villages in England, The (1997) 2007 0500286868
Blunden, Edmund English Villages Britain in Pictures 1942 na
Brent, Colin Historic Lewes and Its Buildings Revised Edition including 1799 map of city 1995 na
Chatfield, June E Illustrated Natural History of Selbourne 1984 0333353862
Cheshire Federation of Women's Institutes Cheshire Village Memories 1969 na
Colby, Reginald Mayfair, A Town Within London 1966 LCC66249385
Corfield, P J Impact of English Towns 1700-1800 1982 019289093X
Egan, Pierce Walks through Bath 1819 na
Gilbert, George Cathedral Cities of England 1907 na
Hughes, Thomas Stranger's Handbook to Chester and its Environs (1856) 1972 0901598399
Mitford, Mary Russell Belford Regis or Sketches of a Country Town (1846) 1972 9780548756195
Northeast, Peter This Venerable Village Blewbury (1964) 1992 0950479454
Rowse, A L Oxford in the History of England 1975 399115706
Sager, Peter Oxford & Cambridge:  An Uncommon History 2006 0500512493
Salmon, Arthur L. Haselhuswt, E. W. Bath and Wells (Beautiful England series) circa 1920 na
White, Rev. Gilbert Natural History of Selbourne, The (1789) 1904 na
Wild, Trevor Village England: A Social History of the Countryside 2004 1860649394
  England's Most Beautiful Villages Vol 1 2003 na


Bremer-David, (Editor), Charissa Paris: Life & Luxury in the Eighteenth Century 2011 9781606060520
Cole, Robert Traveler's History of Paris 1994 1566561507
Constance, Claire Versailles 1993 na
Mokhter, Elaine Paris (Illustrated Histories (Hippocrene) 2002 9780781808385
Popkin, Louis-Sebastien Mercier Panorama of Paris: Selections from Le Tableau De Paris by Louis-Sebastien Mercier and Jeremy D. Popkin (1999): Selections from Le Tableau De Paris 1999 9780271019307


Boneci. Edoardo Four Wonders of Italy Rome Florence Venice and Naples 1972 684133156
Lazzarin, Paolo One Hundred & One Beautiful Small Towns in Italy   847826376
Lazzarin, Paolo One Hundred and One Beautiful Small Towns of Italy 2004 0847826376
Maso, Leonardo Rome of the Caesars 1993 na
  Rome and Vatican 1990 na
  Venice Wonderful (w/large map) 1993 na


Palmer, Hugh Most Beautiful Villages of Spain, The  2003 0500511284