A Writer of Historical Romances
Joan Vincent

Napoleonic War

The number of books in this database is very large. Therefore I have divided it into three parts. This area of the Napoleonic Wars is one of my more avid interests, especially the Peninsular journals, memoirs, and diaries.

Napoleonic War: Part 1

This section contains books on: General Military Topics and Warfare, Weapons and War, Weapons and Dueling. Napoleonic Wars: General Topics, Napoleonic Wars: Strategy, Napoleonic Wars: Uniforms. Napoleonic Wars: The Peninsular War, In Portugal, In Portugal and Spain, In Spain. Napoleonic Wars: Peninsular Battles.

Napoleonic War: Part 2

This section contains books on: The French Revolution--The Terror, Emigres, People; Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleonic Wars: The French Army, French Cavalry, French Intelligence Service, French Navy; Napoleonic Wars: Prisoners of War; Napoleon and Wellington in Fiction; Wellington and His Army; Napoleonic Wars: British Army, Cavalry, Intelligence Service, Navy; Waterloo; the Congress of Vienna.

Napoleonic War: Part 3

This section contains books on: Napoleonic Autobiographies: British, Napoleonic Biographies: British, Napoleonic Biography: Sir John Moore (a man I particularly admire), Napoleonic Letters/Diaries: British; Napoleonic Journals and Memoirs: British Army (mostly of participants in the Peninsular War); Napoleonic Journals: British Cavalry; Napoleonic Medical Journals; Napoleonic Journals and Memoirs: French; Napoleonic Journals: Other Nationalities.